Meet the Deals Magazine Writers

Wondering about the people behind the Deals Magazine blog? Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Fareeha, Copywriter and Yoga Goddess
FareehaPinned as the suburban girl of the office, Fareeha was raised and currently resides in Naperville. She explored her passion for words and the way the world works by pursuing a dual degree in Journalism and Economics from the heart of the Big 12, the University of Missouri. She is excited to be a part of the creative and enthusiastic Deals Magazine team (but more excited for the deals). Running and practicing yoga are a big part of her life, and the Chicago Bulls are a big part of her soul.


Colleen, Senior Copywriter and Self-Claimed Nerd

A few years ago, Colleen realized that her acceptance letter from Hogwarts was probably never going to come. After the initial bout of sadness, and armed only with a positive attitude, an English degree from Loyola University Chicago and a strong grasp of her native language, she decided to get a grown-up job. After many months interning and volunteering as a copy editor, while also working as a bookseller and waitress, the opportunity to work for Deals Magazine came along. Colleen is thrilled to be a part of the team. She spends her time in Aurora, reading and playing with her two adorable kittens.


Jennifer, Senior Copywriter and Cat Whisperer

After earning her Master’s degree in Writing and Publishing, Jennifer realized it was time to stop hiding in academia and enter “the real world.” She loves being a part of a budding startup company where she gets to write, edit and collaborate with a team of talented writers who don’t judge her for her “crazy cat lady” tendencies. When she’s not blogging or working on deal write-ups at Deals Magazine, Jennifer can be found exploring the great outdoors, trying out new restaurants or soaking in the sights at one of Chicago’s great museums.


Amberly, Copywriter Manager and California Girl
AmberlyAmberly serves as our lone West Coast representative and dare we say, Lakers fan. Armed with a Journalism degree from Cal Poly Pomona and a love for sports, she honed her craft in sports publicity, reporting and editing, while covering the NFL and soccer stars from 8-80. She also took a shot at editing and PR at GUNS Magazine. Now in Chicago, she’s finding ways to fit in by rubbing elbows with the locals and complaining about the Cubs. This sports writer turned copy junkie manages Deals Magazine’s wildly talented copywriters, edits their creative copy, writes her own and manages our PR efforts.