About WYS

Deals you want…Where you need them.
It’s more than a tagline. It’s an idea that works for subscribers and vendors alike.

WhereYouShop entered the booming and competitive online deal industry with a one-two punch, localizing deals at the street level and giving subscribers the power to search for deals on demand.

1. By using our patent-pending software, subscribers define their shopping area to get deals ONLY where they shop. Our street-specific discounts run the gamut with deals on restaurants, spas, shops, professional services and other great businesses.

2. Subscribers can also use WhereYouShop’s keyword-based search engine to snag ongoing deals that are relevant to them.

For companies, our user-customized shopping areas allow businesses to reach buyers they never knew were theirs. Plus, our Triple Play Deals give businesses three ways to convert new buyers into loyal ones.


Sending superior deals on products and services to subscribers only in their customized, street-level shopping areas.