Understanding Chicago Traffic Reports

Understanding Chicago Traffic Reports

As a recent addition to the Chicagoland commuter scene, I have had some difficulty deciphering the madness that is the Chicago traffic report. If Chicago’s roadways have you feeling like M.C. Escher and Dr. Seuss ganged up to make your morning commute miserable, here are some helpful tips for decoding the road:

The Edens – I-94 between I-90 and Lake-Cook Road

Edens Spur Ramp – I-94 between the Edens and the Tri-State

The Kennedy – I-90/94 from I-290 to where I-94 splits off and turns into The Edens

I-90 until it splits off and becomes the Addams Tollway

I-190 to O’Hare Airport

The Eisenhower – I-290 between Wacker Drive and I-88

The Eisenhower Extension – I-290 between I-88 and I-355

The Stevenson – I-55 between Lake Shore Drive and I-355

The Dan Ryan – I-90/94 between I-290 and where I-90 splits off toward Indiana

I-94 to where I-57 splits

The Bishop Ford – I-94 between I-57 and I-80 (connects the Dan Ryan and I-80/94)

The Tri-State Tollway – I-80/294 until I-80 splits off just before the 163rd Street Toll Plaza.

I-294 past O’Hare to where I-94 merges just south of Lake-Cook Road.

I-94 north to the Illinois/Wisconsin border.

The Veteran’s Memorial Tollway – I-355 between I-80 and I-290

The Ronald Regan Memorial Tollway – I-88 between I-290 and U.S. 20. Traffic reports generally focus on the area between the Aurora Toll Plaza and the York Road Toll Plaza (in Oakbrook).

The Jane Addams Tollway – I-90 between i-190 near O’Hare to the Illinois/Wisconsin border.

The Chicago Skyway/Indiana Toll Road – I-90 as it splits from I-94, travels east to Illinois/Indiana state line where I-90 becomes the Indiana Toll Road, becomes I-80/90 near Portage and continues east.


Source: Ted Novak’s Guide to Chicago’s Traffic Reports

Written by: Colleen

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