What’s a boomer?

What’s a boomer?

If you haven’t been to a Schaumburg Boomers game, you are missing out on a fun-filled game. Whether you want family night or a night out, the Boomers have you covered, but what is a Boomer?

Boomer is the nickname of the male Greater Prairie Chicken, a native bird of Illinois. The nickname comes from the noise, a booming like sound, during mating season.  The Greater Prairie Chicken is a distinctive bird, with colorful markings.

Boomer Facts

  • Mostly live in the Great Plaines, with large populations in Kansas & Nebraska
  • Were served at fine restaurants
  • On the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board
  • Part of an Illinois Prairie Chicken Recovery Plan
  • Only about 100 remain in Illinois now and there were 12 million in the 1800s

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