Break Time with Deals Magazine’s Becky

Break Time with Deals Magazine’s Becky

With a title that includes the word “Enforcer,” many people expect our Deal Enforcer to be large, brooding and slightly scary. Unfortunately for those with overactive imaginations, our Deal Enforcer Becky is about as far from that image as you can get.

Becky is a recent graduate from Illinois State University, where she studied Integrated Marketing Communications. She confessed, “I really wanted to study psychology, but I think my Marketing classes taught me that I would have hated that.”

Even though she chose a different path, her love of psychology and the weird workings of the human mind are apparent in her… interesting entertainment choices. It’s not uncommon to hear her jammin’ to Justin Bieber, or to hear her recapping favorite shows like Dexter, The Walking Dead or Revenge.

Although the Deal Enforcer position requires someone with a bit of an edge, Becky is a sweetheart. Her desk is a frequent stop for those of us with a love of snacks, as she always brings extra. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you, though, because when it comes to deal enforcing, she is all business.

Written by: Colleen

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