Break Time With Bryan and Rilyn

Break Time With Bryan and Rilyn

In the last year, Deals Magazine has had some notable additions to its staff. Though I exude my own childish spirit (and immaturity) for the office with superhero action figures on my desk, Deals Magazine’s youthful energy is really held together with Rilyn, Promotions Manager Megan’s newborn, and Bryan, Copywriter Manager Amberly’s little one. In a recent interview with the babies, I learned just how much Deals Magazine has affected their upbringing…

Rilyn Mae, 6 weeks

Q: So how have you enjoyed the first month of your life?

Rilyn: “Oh, it has really been great. My family has been wonderful and it’s nice having Mom at home. The only real complaint I have is that we go to way too many malls. It would be one thing if we shopped a lot, but we don’t even go in the stores anymore. We just frequent this one “stall,” and sometimes we just watch it from afar.”

Q: Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Rilyn: “Not really. I know that I want to follow my mom’s path of stardom, but she keeps telling me that I have to attend WhereYouShop University first.”

Bryan Scott, 7 months

Q: What’s your favorite book?

Bryan: “Well, Mom only reads me Deals Magazine…”

Q: If you had to give any advice to Rilyn, what would it be?

Bryan: “I would tell her to get used to the word ‘deal.’ For the last seven months all I’ve heard is:

What’s the DEAL with that?

Robbie, DEAL with him.

What’s the big DEAL?

Go Fish? DEAL me in!

If you take a nap, we can go to California, DEAL?

So, here’s the DEAL…

…Well, you get the idea.”


Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Gemma

    Seriously, are there any two cuter babies??? And Im quite impressed with their language skills already. You can tell they are already following in their super smart and determined Moms. Glad to have all of them on the Deals Magazine Team!

  2. Whitney

    Too cute! Luv the pics!

  3. Megan

    I am going to have to request that Fareeha comes to our house for a few days. I have only heard cries and coos, so i am thinking she must be some sort of “baby whisperer” and i would love some translation assistance! thanks for the fun blog! xo – Megan

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