Green Gardening Tips

Green Gardening Tips

Planting a vegetable garden is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy fresh backyard produce all summer long. Whether you plant rows of various goodies or just a single tomato plant, there are lots of ways to keep your garden eco-friendly. Make your green thumb a little greener with these tips:

  1. Use natural, non-toxic alternatives to pesticides. Natural pest control is very simple and effective. Prep your garden by pulling any weak plants and building healthy, organic soil. Plant some flowering plants that attract beneficial insects and deter other predators. Create homemade remedies to combat existing pests. For more great tips on natural garden preservation, check out this article.
  2. Select high-quality, human-powered tools. Spending a little bit more on sturdy tools that will last more than one season is a great way to avoid adding more waste to landfills. While you’re at it, consider buying tools that don’t require gas or electricity. Use an old-fashioned rake instead of a leaf blower, and if you’re really ambitious, you can opt for a push-mower to trim your lawn. It’s much quieter, and you’ll get a great workout!
  3. Be mindful of water use. Spreading mulch around your plants will reduce evaporation when you water. Also, be sure to water in the early morning or after sunset, and focus on the roots when watering instead of just spraying the plants. You can also invest in a rain barrel to collect rainwater and reduce your water bill.

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