Six Things to Learn from a 6-Month Old

Six Things to Learn from a 6-Month Old

What’s pale, 17 pounds and has completely consumed my life and heart?

My 6-month-old son, Bryan.

In honor of Mother’s Day (and my first as a mom), I thought I’d share six lessons we can learn from this little boo-bear:

  1. Take on the Day
    Doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Saturday–Bryan opens his eyes, stretches and smiles. Waking up to his toothless grin gives me the jolt I need to start the morning (agghh I’m running late) shuffle.
  2. Take a Nap When You’re Tired
    Just like baby Bryan, we get cranky when it’s time for a nap. Refresh when you need it!
  3. Stop Eating When You’re Full
    Whether you are full with 8 ounces of formula or two slices of pizza, listen to your body.
  4. Keep on Learning
    Bryan gets more agile, smarter and sweeter every day. If we can learn to crawl in just six months, there’s nothing we can’t do at 6, 16 or 60!
  5. Help One Another
    The floor at day care is a jungle. Some babies enjoy stationary ‘tummy time’ while others are crawling or biting. Bryan is friends with them all. Who says two teething babies can’t help each other by biting on each other’s legs? Find a way to help out someone today!
  6. Be Active
    Unless it’s sleepy time, my little guy never stops moving. I’m trying to get in the same habit!

Written by: Amberly

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