Break Time with Deals Magazine’s Amberly Dressler

Break Time with Deals Magazine’s Amberly Dressler

Everyone knows the perks of living in California, be it the unrelenting beautiful weather or befriending D-list celebrities. Copywriter Manager and Orange County native Amberly Dressler participated in one of the coolest perks I could imagine: being a contestant on the legendary game show, The Price Is Right.

As a bubbly 19-year-old, very few moments could beat kissing Bob Barker’s cheek while winning prizes on television. Amberly and her friends had waited in line for the show since 4 a.m., but being called down to bid made it all worth the wait.  In case you haven’t seen The Price Is Right before (shame on you), four people are called down from the audience and they guess the price of a prize. The person who is closest to the actual value wins the prize and gets to play a different game. Amberly won that portion by accurately guessing the price of a train set—a train set she still puts up around her Christmas tree each year.

Her game was a quick one; she was shown three items –a washer/dryer set, a glasses set and a day bed –and she was told to rank them based on price, from least to most expensive. Unfortunately, Amberly hadn’t bought many washer/dryers at the time, so she put that second instead of last. The right answer was: glasses set, day bed and washer/dryer. She still had a chance to go to the showdown, so instead of letting her spirits wane, she gave Bob Barker a memorable peck on the cheek.

Six contestants spin a wheel to participate in the final showcase showdown, and Amberly was one of those contestants to play in the final round. In the showdown, each person is shown a bundle of prizes and that person has to guess the total value of the package. And folks, not only did Amberly get to be on The Price Is Right, but she also won. Her prizes included a jukebox, two motorcycles and a trip for two to Fiji.


Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Gemma

    Come on down! You’re the next contestant on the Price is Right! I grew up on this show. Wait, did I just age myself? In any light, I’m very jealous of Amberly, I would have kept those motorcycles.

  2. Zachary B.

    Wait, is that Amberly with Barney Stinson’s dad???

  3. Dante

    What no video? There must be some footage of this legendary contestant on the Price is Right somewhere on YouTube or some game show channel.

  4. Matt

    Wow, that’s so cool! Jukebox office day?

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