Break Time with Deals Magazine’s Brian Patrick

Break Time with Deals Magazine’s Brian Patrick

Though at first glance Deals Magazine’s National Accounts Coordinator Brian Patrick is a reserved gentleman nestled in his quiet corner of the office, he quickly shattered that image for me when the result of our first handshake was a bruise on my hand.

OK, let me backtrack. Upon our first meeting, he warned me that his handshake has gotten complaints in the past, and as the fierce competitor that I am, I responded: bring it. You guys can decide whose fault my pain is.

For more than a decade, Brian has practiced karate, mixed martial arts and my personal favorite, bodybuilding. While the former two were hobbies he picked up from his brothers while growing up, bodybuilding was sparked by someone else. As a 14-year-old at 87 pounds, Brian couldn’t hold the attention of his crush at the time—a girl who had rejected his offer of a date on the basis that she “only went for muscular guys.”

That summer, he trained with his brother and gained 50 pounds, which ignited his fire for bodybuilding. He placed second in his first competition and has since competed almost every year. In fact, he has a competition coming up in August. As employees in the office complain about their post-candy-and-doughnuts guilt, Brian is quietly forcing 3,000-4,000 healthy calories in his body in preparation for his next victory. Don’t worry, I’m trying my hardest to find out the location of this event.

Brian’s macho exterior is complemented perfectly by a musical ear and eloquent speech. Owning 11 guitars and having written numerous song lyrics, a handful of short stories, full TV and movie scripts, and soon a novel, Brian had to try really hard not to impress me.

Brian showing off his early six-pack and bulging biceps.


Written by: Fareeha

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