Deals Magazine First Week

Deals Magazine First Week

When you’re hired at a relatively new and expanding company, you’re never the new guy (or girl) for long. Not even here for a week, and my “new guy” status has already been revoked. But I still remain the newest copywriter (the most important position of course) as well as the only male in the copywriting department. Thankfully, my coworkers and I share a sense of unabashed nerdiness—I couldn’t ask to work with a better team.

As I continue to learn the ropes in my new position, my barren cubicle calls out for customization. So far I’ve brought in a coaster (to eliminate those coffee rings on my desk) and a Super Mario figure to provide me with a much-needed 1-up on Mondays.

Now with one whole deal under my belt, I’m ready to write up the best deals I can for all you Deals Magazine subscribers.

Written by: MattSadowski

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