Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

You know those little girls who parade around on their birthdays with a crown and love the attention so much that they somehow extend it to a birth-week? Well, that’s me.

But as I enter my 24th year while in the working world, I’ve had to leave behind my celebration traditions and adopt some new ones. My goal this year is to participate in more activities and take on more risks. And in an effort to do that, here’s how I ended my Michael Jordan year and began my Kobe (ew) year:

Friday: I went to the Bulls game with my brother. No, this isn’t a big risk, but I figure I need to start supporting my boys in person. Plus, I know my presence will help win us the championship (the Bulls lost, FYI).

Saturday: I ran the St. Paddy’s Day 5K in downtown Naperville and I broke my 5K record by 45 seconds. Risk: I ran it by myself. Reward: I didn’t have to take any post-race pictures.

Monday: I performed stand-up comedy at an open mic. I signed up two weeks ago as a half-joke and half-I-wonder-if-I-could-pull-this-off. I did not pull it off, but I did get through it with a few pity laughs here and there.

Tuesday Night: I fell asleep before midnight (like a responsible working girl…and a lame birthday girl).

Wednesday: I came into work only to be reminded of how I have the best coworkers ever. Seriously. I also revisited elementary school traditions and brought in treats for the gang. Guess I still have some of growing up to do.

(Reason number 473,843,298 why working at Deals Magazine is awesome)

Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Staci Foss

    Kobe year! The only number that matters hear is 7.

    Girl, this is the year of D-ROSE, and your year to bloom. Talk to you after championship #7!

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