Illinois vs. Wisconsin

Illinois vs. Wisconsin

After being born in the Chicago suburbs, coming of age in a small Wisconsin village, surviving my college years in a typical Wisconsin college town and venturing into the big city of Chicago as a young adult, I consider myself an authority on the differences between Flatlanders and Cheeseheads. It’s time to settle the age-old debate of who does what better: Illinois or Wisconsin.

Best Metropolis:

Illinois – It probably seems obvious, but when it comes to big-city living, Milwaukee doesn’t even compare to Chicago. Chicago’s museums, transit, architecture, history, diversity and character set the bar for Midwestern cities. Sorry, Wisconsinites.

Best Natural Beauty:

Wisconsin – This is another obvious choice. From the rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine to the lush forests of the north woods, Illinois’s flat farmland doesn’t hold a torch to Wisconsin’s beauty.

Best Parties:

Wisconsin – Chicagoans are going to protest, but Illinois’s fun radius only extends about 5 miles outside of a few distinct urban centers. On the contrary, Wisconsinites party even harder out in the country (and I don’t even need to mention their Oktoberfests and love for beer and brats).

Best Food:

Illinois – It was a toss-up, but Chicago’s awesome cultural diversity just inched past beer-boiled brats and cheese curds (okay, so it wasn’t really close at all).

Best Football Team:

I’m so not going there.

Written by: Maggie

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