Live Like a Celebrity “It” Couple

Live Like a Celebrity “It” Couple

From Brangelina to TomKat, celebrity couples seem to have it all. Since today marks the third wedding anniversary of a far lesser-known couple ROBERLY (Robbie + Amberly), I have the following advice for all you lovebirds who would like to live like celebs but still build your nest egg.

Create a Name

Referring to you and your beloved by a uni-name can be fun, but don’t force it. It’s more fun when it catches on organically!

Avoid the Paparazzi

Stay out of the limelight and have a fancy meal delivered to your home. Mecca’s Finer Foods in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, offers 50% off a gourmet meal for two.

Be Cover-Ready

It takes a small army to get celebs picture perfect. Don’t go into battle alone; get 50% off custom makeup and airbrushing from Robiz LLC in Buffalo Grove.

Avoid the Worst-Dressed List

Joan Rivers is only funny when she isn’t making fun of you. Get expert style advice for 50% off from KS Style Consulting in Chicago.

Show No Signs

When a starlet becomes a new mom, their bodies bounce back quicker than you can figure out why they named their kid after a fruit or a color. Get ready for your big reveal with half off personal training sessions from Anytime Fitness in Roselle.

Be a Team

Whether you and your darling lock arms on the red carpet or just on the couch, remember to be kind, be thankful, and be happy! This will ensure your Hollywood romance resembles Goldie & Kurt’s rather than Kim & Kris’s.

Written by: Amberly

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  1. Maggie

    This is so cute! Unfortunately, NickMag isn’t very catchy . . .

  2. Matt

    NickMag isn’t, but Magick is!

  3. Maggie

    LOVE it, Matt! I will suggest that!

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