Creative Ways to Recycle and Redecorate

Creative Ways to Recycle and Redecorate

Until the thermometer reaches at least 50 degrees, you probably want to limit your recreational activities to the indoors. What better way to spend your time than decorating your space with recycled items? Here are some creative ways to reuse everyday items:

  • Candles –Next time you realize your scented candle has burned its last, quickly remove the melted wax, clean the holder, paint the glass and use it as a display piece. With large candle holders, you can even place dirt inside and grow fresh herbs.
  • Hangers—Plastic types 3 through 7 cannot be recycled and are often discarded. Reuse your plastic hangers! If you have children, hangers make a great alternative to the “Barrel of Monkeys” game. If not, sell them online for a very small price. Imagine how many millions of hangers end up in landfills every year!
  • Shoeboxes—Paint the shoebox lid and adorn it with your favorite charms and photos. Line three or four shoebox lids on your wall above your fireplace or T.V. to create unique wall art.
  • Drawers—Detach the front end of the drawer from its bottom, sides and back. Attach vintage doorknobs found at garage sales and antique stores (no need to stick to the traditional knob placements). Nail it to your wall and use it to hang jewelry, coats and other materials.

Now you have no excuse to throw away valuable commodities. Make your place beautiful and functional with these simple tricks, and use these ideas to springboard your own creativity!

Written by: Maggie

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