Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Activities

Here’s how WhereYouShop made a big DEAL out of Valentine’s Day…

Print Designer Joann Dzon and I transformed our lunches into crafting time for the past two weeks to make handmade Valentine’s Day cards for each member of the WhereYouShop team. We wanted to recreate the elementary school feel of exchanging cards, so it’s a good thing my crafting skills are at the level of a second-grader.

The team was all smiles when they received the WhereYouShop-themed cards (so we hope):

We challenged the team’s creativity in a cookie-decorating competition:


And the winner is…Amy Watts, our Administrative Assistant and now Cookie-Decorator of the Year:

Next time I’ll be sure to rig the odds in my favor…but for now, Happy Valentine’s Day from WhereYouShop!


Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Gemma

    I would like to contest the Cookie-Decorator of the Year award…Its only February. Its possible we could have another cookie decorating contest for another “holiday”. Ill resign to the fact that Amy is the Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorator of the Year, but thats as far as I’ll go! ;)

  2. Amy

    Zach wants a rematch, I’d be happy to give up the title :) .

  3. Joann

    St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Contest, perhaps? Too bad we just missed the boat on President’s Day, I could have bedazzled President Lincoln with pearls and sparkles!

  4. Maggie

    Joann, why is everything about Abe this year? First cheesy books and movies, now cookies? I’ve got to be HONEST with you, it’s getting a little absurd. :P

    (Get it? Honest Abe . . . )

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