WhereYouShop Deals for Couples

WhereYouShop Deals for Couples

Once you’ve found the love of your life, it can be a challenge to make new friends and maintain an active social life. I would know.

I got married about three months after I graduated college at the tender age of 22. While most of my friends are either engaged or otherwise committed to a long-term partner, it can still be a challenge to socialize as a young couple in the city. In our early to mid-twenties, most couples are still focused on maintaining a great social life. With the onslaught of resources like WhereYouShop and social networking sites, many couples are maintaining great social lives throughout their child-raising years and beyond.  It can be a struggle for couples to live active and social lives if we limit ourselves to establishments such as The Home Depot.

Luckily for modern couples of all ages, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the social scene. Set a date night and try our deal from Zoku Sushi—maybe you’ll instate “Sushi Night” once each week like we did. Or do the BFF thing and check out 6 Corners Sports Bar to enjoy some drinks while catching the game. For something really exclusive to twosomes, take tango lessons with ARTango in Ravenswood.

There are many ways to live socially as a couple. Now that you’ve read this article, we better not catch you shopping for home improvement supplies and baby gear on Saturday nights (well, not every Saturday night, at least).

Written by: Maggie

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