Deals to Help You Recover from the Super Bowl

Deals to Help You Recover from the Super Bowl

If you hosted a Super Bowl party yesterday, you may be hurting a little bit today. Here are some ways to recharge and get your week back on track:

  • Revitalize Your Living Room. The excitement of the game, the commercials and the halftime show can easily lead to small catastrophes involving dropped nacho cheese, salsa and buffalo wings. Enlist some help in getting the stains out with WhereYouShop deals on cleaning services, like J.R.’s Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning deal.
  • Reaffirm Your Alliances. Now’s the time to represent your favorite teams so that when they make it to the playoffs next year, you can tell everyone “I told you so.” Sports-4-Less offers athletic apparel and merchandise for professional and collegiate football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams.
  • Refresh Your Game Face. Did all the anticipation and tension of the game add some new crow’s feet to your complexion? A microdermabrasion treatment from Bella Pelle Medispa & Laser Clinic can help smooth out inconsistencies in your skin and give you a youthful glow.

Written by: Jennifer

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