Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy

Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy

I am involved in an extremely co-dependent relationship . . . with my dog. She came into my life about two years ago and will be a large part of my life long after she takes her trip to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

The pet-human bond is a strange phenomenon. We have a biological disposition to love human children, but how do we explain the desire to spend our resources (money) and energy (which could be used for the betterment of our species) on members of other animal phyla, many of which have historically been our predators?

There’s no easy answer to why we love our pets, but love them we do. Despite being left at home for hours on end and being forced to eat the same thing day after day, they love us back.

There are a lot of ways to make life better for your pet, but the best thing you can do for your furry friend is to understand how simply their minds work and plan similarly simple activities to occupy their time.

Simple things like keeping your pet amused (with cage-free doggy day care from The Houndry or pet-sitting services from Shannon’s Pet-Sitting), and feeding your pet real, nutritious foods that don’t have tons of fillers (like the healthy food from Total Solutions) are little things that your pets want and deserve.

No animals, including humans, like to be bored all day. Why do you think we created WhereYouShop?

Written by: Maggie

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