A WhereYouShop Road Trip

A WhereYouShop Road Trip

Road trips, like overeating and turtle racing, are a time-honored American tradition. Thanks to WhereYouShop, you won’t have to travel far (or spend much money) to create a memorable road trip. Buckle up and get ready to explore your surroundings.

We’re starting off our trip at Dimples Donuts in Batavia, a great local bakery with the exact kind of sugary treats we need to get our day started. Once you snap out of your jelly-filled food coma, it’s time to really hit the road.

Our next stop is in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, at Sole City. This shop stocks the coolest gear around, with a ton of vintage looks that can really help you stand out in a crowd. Besides, you’re on a road trip, and where you’re headed people don’t know about your normally lame style.

Next, swing up north to CD City Inc. in Highland Park. This independent record store can help you find some new tunes for your ride, since your mixes are now probably starting to annoy you as much as everyone else.

Now point your car towards Gurnee and our final location, Southern Exposure Tan and Boutique. This deal will get you tan for just $5, giving you an opportunity to make up a crazy story about your trip for your friends back home. Just apply the complimentary lotion and lay down in one of their high-intensity tanning beds for that tropical vacation look.

Safe travels!

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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  1. Amberly

    I like how your road trip comes complete with a tan! Count me in.

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