Healthy Cooking on a Budget

Healthy Cooking on a Budget

It can be very intimidating to navigate a grocery store. Looking down the cereal aisle, we bask in choice and variety. From Rice Krispies to Kashi, our grocery stores appear to be the epitome of American diversity.

When trying to eat healthily, it can be tempting to gravitate toward pricey organic cereal and Lean Cuisine dinners. These seemingly healthy options may seem like great alternatives to pizzas and wings, but they can be tough on the wallet. The irony is that most of these “healthy” food options we are willing to pay so much for are not really nutritionally rich.

There is no getting around it: eating a healthy diet requires work. You have to cook. You have to chop vegetables. You have to spend an hour simmering brown rice.

The truth is that high-priced, frozen organic meals and all-natural cereals can’t make up for plain old steamed vegetables (organic if you can afford it), oats (ridiculously cheap), eggs (free-range if it’s within your budget) and brown rice (about $2 and can last you three weeks). Eating healthy isn’t a matter of trying to afford fancy alternative foods. Quite the contrary – it’s a matter of getting back to the basics.

Check out deals from Oganica Vitamins and Chumas Grocery to find affordable plant-based supplements and nutritionally rich foods. Use coupons. Buy vegetables at farmer’s markets, where they aren’t highly marked-up. And, most importantly, eat food that looks like it came from our planet. You’ll be glad that you did.

Written by: Maggie

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  1. Amberly

    Great tips Maggie. I love the concept of just getting back to the basics.

  2. Staci Foss

    Guilty of buying the pricey organic stuff – Alas, I pay too much for the convenience of a frozen meal.

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