WhereYouShop Deals for a Snow Day

WhereYouShop Deals for a Snow Day

If you’re anything like me, cold weather means lots of time spent perfecting your snow angel technique and constructing snowmen that look like former president Grover Cleveland. Since you probably aren’t like me, you’ll need to find something else to get you through snow days and beyond. So when the weather turns frightful, look to WhereYouShop to provide you with something delightful.

Joplin’s Java Café in Waukegan or Regulus Coffee House Company in Portage Park

Cups of hot chocolate and coffee warm you inside and out while also giving you the energy boost necessary to start a world-class snowball fight. Both of these coffee shops are locally owned and provide customers with a great laid-back environment as well as delicious drinks.

Luxury Linens 4 Less in Ingleside

This mink blanket is comfortable and very warm, making it ideal for those nights where you just can’t seem to get cozy. It might even make you feel like a well-protected king or queen, safe within your own personal fortress of warmth. Well, at least that’s how it makes me feel.

E’s Lawn Barber in Prospect Heights

Staying inside and getting cozy is great, but eventually your boss is going to wonder where you’ve been for the past three weeks. Dig yourself out and make an appearance with this deal for driveway snow removal from E’s Lawn Barber, available within 25 miles of Prospect Heights.

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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