Holiday Cheer at WhereYouShop

Holiday Cheer at WhereYouShop

As a budding new company, WhereYouShop is celebrating its first holiday season together. To celebrate, we held our first annual Secret Santa event.

Two weeks ago, we picked names out of a hat, and the fun and secrecy began! WhereYouShop employees left candies, treats, anonymous notes and other mini gifts on the desks of their unsuspecting recipients. Guesses were made, but we patiently waited until yesterday to reveal our identities.

Several Secret Santas prepare to give gifts to the lucky people they randomly selected.

One of our account managers, Tim, proudly displays the coffee he received.

Our first Secret Santa event was a success!

Happy Holidays from all of us at WhereYouShop!

Written by: Jennifer

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  1. Nushin Shabahang

    Had a wonderful time being a part of Secret Santa!

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