Things to Do in December

Things to Do in December

The entire month of December seems like one big countdown to Christmas. While I love the colorful houses and pleasant holiday spirits, my Chirstmas cheer can only go so far since I don’t actually celebrate the holiday. If  you want to escape the festive madness for a few moments, here are some things I do while everyone else is wrapping gifts and decorating trees:

  • Though I abandoned my ice skating career after a few painful falls in second grade, the frosty winter gives me the skating itch. There’s nothing more comforting than holding onto friends for dear life in the rink…or watching them fall.
  • Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I do have one tradition each year on Dec. 25, and this year that tradition may be the best Christmas gift of all time. The NBA hosts a couple big games on Christmas, usually involving the constantly hyped Lakers. With the lockout plaguing my spirits the last few weeks, I’m now filled with unadulterated euphoria and relief knowing that the first day of this NBA season will be Christmas day. As if that’s not a gift that will satisfy me through 2012, this year one of those “big teams” happens to be my beloved Chicago Bulls, who will be facing those overly hyped Lakers.  The five games played that day that will sufficiently make up for any Christmas sweaters and fruitcakes you receive.
  • December is a big movie month, so make sure to hit up your local theater for this year’s blockbusters.

Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Staci Foss

    You celebrate Christmas the way my Mom does – Bball!

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