Dealing with Workplace Illnesses

Dealing with Workplace Illnesses

Now that Old Man Winter has once again begun to cruelly blast us with subpar weather, illness abounds. Widespread sickness can threaten to turn your workplace into a cesspool, so here are a couple helpful tips for dealing with it.

Conduct a Witch Hunt

When you think someone from work is responsible for making you sick, it’s time to investigate. Put the skills you’ve learned from TV detective shows to use as you gather evidence, interview witnesses and avoid falling for red herrings. Finally, convict your suspect without a trial: Work Law answers to no man.

Start a Workplace Orange Grove

Vitamin C is a powerful tool in the ageless fight against the common cold. Instead of paying off some grocery store middlemen, go straight to the source and start growing your own oranges in the office. Don’t bother getting approval from one of your superiors—there’s no time to waste in the battle against workplace illness.

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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