Thanks and No Thanks

Thanks and No Thanks

Thanksgiving may be a holiday arbitrarily created by the powerful pecan pie industry as a way to drive sales, but it is also a great excuse to gather as a family. In the true spirit of the holiday, let’s crack open a pecan pie stuffed with gooey appreciation and sweet sentimentality as we break down what there is to be thankful for and not so thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thanks: A huge plate of turkey and stuffing with extra stuffing. And also a side of more stuffing.
No Thanks: The fact that I only eat stuffing once a year. It’s one of my weak points.

Thanks: A great collection of family and friends.
No Thanks: Trying to remember the name of that third cousin you see once a year.

Thanks: A day that is stuffed with football games.
No Thanks: People who insist on turning the TV off during dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our great WhereYouShop subscribers!

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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