Using Deals on Dates

Using Deals on Dates

Whether you go to dinner, a movie or some other (hopefully) pleasant and memorable activity, going on dates can be a budget killer. Here are a few perks of using WhereYouShop deals on dates, without getting dumped before the dessert comes:

  • Play up your cash-savvy side – Using deals can show a potential mate that you’re fiscally responsible.
  • Craft an unforgettable evening – Half-off or better deals allow us to experience things we normally wouldn’t, so take your date out for a ritzy meal or a one-of-a-kind adventure.
  • Worst-case scenario – If your companion turns out to be your second cousin or spends the evening telling you about her collection of pocket lint, at least you didn’t spend an arm and a leg impressing them.
Editor Warning! We recommend using WhereYouShop Vouchers only after the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventeenth date (you get the point). Although, we find WhereYouShop deals irresistible, a first date may not think so!

Written by: Colleen

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