Halloween Dos and Don’ts

Halloween Dos and Don’ts

Halloween only comes around once a year, putting a ghoulish amount of pressure on your spooky shoulders to make sure it really counts. Here are some simple dos and don’ts that you can follow to ensure a Halloween hall of fame performance.

Do: Have a backup costume

No one wants to see a Tarzan costume with an unfortunate tear in it, so have a backup option ready to go, even if that backup option is just a toilet-paper mummy.

Don’t: Combine costumes

Don’t get lazy and try to repurpose one of your old costumes. Vampire Michael Jordan just doesn’t need to see the light of day.

Do: Scope out the best candy

It’s all right to be picky at this all-you-can-eat candy buffet, just do your best not to go overboard.

Don’t: Turn candy down

What are you, a Rockefeller? Don’t turn down free candy. Those Smarties you dismiss now will look like gold as you are coming down from a Halloween sugar high.

However you decide to spend your Halloween, do remember to have fun and don’t forget to be safe.

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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