Brighten Your Work Week with Deals

Brighten Your Work Week with Deals

We’ve all had those weeks that seem to drag on and on. Sometimes it helps to shake things up and add some zest to the Monday-Friday routine. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Monday: Take a fitness class

Let’s face it: Mondays are tough. What better way to get revved up for the week than by taking a fitness class after work? Whether you want to spin, stretch or dance, a quick workout can boost your energy levels and relieve stress.

Tuesday: Get your car washed

Whether you spent the weekend off-roading or at the mall, chances are your ride could use a rinse. Treat your vehicle to a quick wash or a thorough detailing—either way, you’ll feel a sense of renewed pride in your car.

Wednesday: Enjoy some shopping

Take a midweek break and browse WhereYouShop’s wide variety of shopping deals. From cake pops and embroidery to children’s books and flower bouquets, there is something for everyone at WhereYouShop.

Thursday: Recharge at a local spa

Now that you’re in the home stretch, prep for the weekend with a visit to a nearby salon or spa. Go for the gold with sunny highlights, or try de-stressing with a relaxing massage or facial.

Friday: Visit a new restaurant

Congratulations, you made it! Snag a WhereYouShop deal for pizza or Mexican during your lunch break. Prefer to wait until the evening to let loose? Try seafood, burgers and more from our wide selection of restaurant deals.

Written by: Jennifer

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