First Job Learning Curves

First Job Learning Curves

Writing for WhereYouShop is my first full-time job out of college, so there was an inevitable learning curve once I got here. Overall it has gone smoothly, and I like to think I have carved out a niche for myself. Although that niche mostly entails being a city snob and eating soup at my desk, I feel like an integral part of the team here at WhereYouShop.

I have to admit, Team WhereYouShop (note: I am the only one who actually calls us this) is a little different than the kinds of teams I was used to. After all, we don’t have any chants meant to intimidate other deal sites, and chest bumping is generally frowned upon in the workplace.

Perhaps the biggest transition has been growing accustomed to a seemingly unlimited selection of office supplies. My (pen) cup runneth over, but I have learned to exercise moderation and not hog all of the highlighters and paper clips for myself. Learning to share space, as well as really cool pens, is all part of my learning curve with Team WhereYouShop…even if no one else wants to call it that.

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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