My Recycling Challenge

My Recycling Challenge

Unbeknownst to most of the office, I’ve spent this past week with a solitary goal in mind: to become the greenest staff member at the greenest deal site around, WhereYouShop. So like a broken fork, I developed a two-pronged approach.

Don’t Print Deals Out

Up until this week, I had an airtight routine when it came to writing deals. First, I print the deal information out. Next, I take a deep, meaningful sigh. Finally, I unleash a tidal wave of regrettable puns.

This week was supposed to mark a departure from that first step, as I pledged to work off of only digital copies. In the interest of full disclosure, I probably maybe sort of violated this pledge a couple of times. I promise I recycled though.

Don’t Be Lazy

As my plan to not print deals out faltered slightly, I fell back on this second tenet of my newfound environmentally friendly philosophy. The idea was simple, and it merely required me to be slightly less lazy.

I actually had pretty good success with this approach. From washing out soup cans so they were ready to recycle to re-using the bag I brought my lunch in, just putting in some eco-effort reaped great benefits.

All in all, that was my biggest takeaway from this weeklong challenge. I know firsthand now that taking a second to reflect on simple things we can do to benefit the environment can have wide reaching benefits.

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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