Celebrating 100 Deals and 120 Days

Celebrating 100 Deals and 120 Days

I’ve never been one to watch the calendar closely. In fact, my calendar was still turned to the month of August as of about five minutes ago. However, some occasions, like Bastille Day or a giant tortoise’s 100th birthday, call for a celebration.

It so happens that we’ve stumbled upon such an occasion, as it has now officially been four months since my time at WhereYouShop began. Not coincidentally, this now marks four months of WhereYouShop-ping for Jen and Fareeha as well.

A lot has changed in our time here, and things are really starting to pick up these days. From the madness of the Lollapalooza giveaway to the excitement of our many new hires, I know we have all learned to adapt to the unexpected.

We recently reached another huge milestone when we published our 100th deal on the site. I can pretty much guarantee that as long as your shopping area extends beyond a houseboat floating in Lake Michigan, we will have a deal designed to give you great savings and help you discover a cool local business. With that said, here’s to another four months of great hyperlocal deals!

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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