Desk Workouts

Desk Workouts

With the deals rolling in, I’ve been glued to my desk trying to compete with fellow copywriter Colin’s elaborate puns and making sure my balance ball doesn’t roll away. I wanted to optimize my calories burned, and with deal-packed workweeks, I’m branching to desk workouts. Here are a few gems I found from my research:

Neck: Don’t let stress build up in your shoulders. Sit up tall in your chair with your abs in and alternate gently lengthening your neck up and over sideways, allowing your ear to move closer to your shoulder.

Arms Circles: Still sitting up tall with your core engaged, lift your arms overhead, to your sides and around back down to your hips.

Spine Twist: With your arms reaching forward, rotate your spine for 3 counts to the right, come back to center, and rotate to the left.

Sternum Lift: With your fingertips behind your head and your elbows wide to the sides, tighten your abs and slowly extend your neck and upper back backward, looking to the ceiling. Return to center then crunch forward, like you’re doing sit ups in your chair.

Hip Hinge: Fingertips behind your head, cross one leg over the opposite knee and fold forward. Keep your abs engaged and feel the stretch in your hips.

Skating (this is my favorite): Stand behind your chair with your knees bent. Keep your pelvis stable and extend your legs as you slide to the right and left. Maybe I’ll institute office skating Olympics.

Written by: Fareeha

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