Break Time with WhereYouShop’s Megan

Break Time with WhereYouShop’s Megan

Megan, our Promotions Coordinator, is the newest star of the WhereYouShop team. And I mean a real star…

Alongside swing sets and slides, Megan’s childhood consisted of runways and red carpets as she modeled and acted through the streets of her hometowns of Atlanta and Philadelphia. Modeling for big names such as Macy’s, one of her most exciting childhood memories is a Six Flags commercial she was a part of around the age of 12. In the commercial, she showed us how exciting riding Splash Mountain can be, which is definitely a reason (if not the only reason) I pestered my parents to take me each year. That segment of the commercial ran for about eight years nationwide.

After her runway and commercial fame, Megan followed the footsteps of her uncle, who was the first anchor of Access Hollywood, and pursued a career in broadcast journalism. That pursuit translated in years of production and reporting work at Fox News, which is also the hub she found her hubby.

Though Megan immersed herself in the journalism field, she never let go of her passion for acting. Mere Players Acting is an acting studio she runs in Barrington, where she shares her years of colorful experience in the commercial acting and modeling realm. I asked Megan what brought her from hectic worlds of journalism and the entertainment industry to WhereYouShop and she said,

“You’d think those fields are more exciting, but this, having a long-term goal and watching something grow, that is the most exciting to me.”

Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Margie

    Six flags commercial!? I would love to see the YouTube link on that!

  2. Fran

    I want to enroll in your school of acting Megan. Do I get a deal? ;-)

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