Break Time with WhereYouShop’s Jonathan

Break Time with WhereYouShop’s Jonathan

Jonathan is our tech-savvy website designer by day, and a musician, chef, athlete and DJ by night. Here’s an insight into how he became a Jack of all trades:


For his eleventh birthday, Jonathan received guitar lessons and has been playing his red and green electric guitars ever since. As a member of punk rock bands and a frequent Wednesday night karaoke participant, he has exercised his vocal cords as well. According to him, Lil Jon’s “Get Low” is his masterpiece, so we’ll have to confirm that soon.


Skilled in tennis, golf and softball. (Though his softball team was winless this season)


Jonathan’s Sunday nights are reserved for cooking for the rest of the week. His favorite dish that he makes is a maple salmon recipe, which he says he’ll cater for our next meeting.


As a kid his hobby was to make mixtapes…for himself. Years later that finally translated to his budding website He combined two of his passions – web design and music – and created this site that provides music for workouts. Alongside his salmon, we hope to hire Gym DJ for our next meeting.

Website Designer/Developer

It started in his first basic html course in high school. He strayed away from the field for a while only to find himself veering right back to his passion years later. “I like the entire process – brainstorming the concept, designing the layouts and combining usability and functionality in order to create a great experience for users.”

Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Margie

    also, he has red vine (generic twisslers) at his desk. that, to me, is the most important thing to know about jonathan.

  2. Lynn

    I’m impressed. He’s a young man with a lot of talent.

  3. Fran

    Jonathan of all trades…I likey :-) now…when can i get free guitar lessons. LOL

  4. Auntie Che Che

    Jonathan we never knew how talented you were! Nice article, we are proud of you. Love Auntie Che Che , Uncle Freddie.

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