Keep Spreading WhereYouShop’s Word!

Keep Spreading WhereYouShop’s Word!

Last week, WhereYouShop rewarded the top 100 subscribers who had the most referrals with Sunday Lollapalooza tickets. Brian Hayes, a 23-year-old Chicago resident, was one of those lucky Lolla winners. A subscriber since May 10, Brian was turning blue from holding his breath in anticipation.

“I tweeted, Facebooked, emailed and put it as my Google Talk status. I was about a week away from posting a note on my fridge demanding my family to sign up too,” Brian said. “A few people I don’t even know retweeted me as well, which was pretty cool.”

Though the Lollapalooza referral giveaway has ended, don’t stop spreading the word! For every five friends you refer, you can earn up to $75 in WhereYouShop Bucks. Even better, you can leave an eco-friendly footprint: when your 10th referral purchases a deal, we will plant 20 trees on your behalf through

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Written by: Fareeha

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