Street Team Headed Out With Sold-Out Lolla Tickets

Street Team Headed Out With Sold-Out Lolla Tickets

WhereYouShop is putting our money (and Lollapalooza tickets) where our mouth is in Wicker Park. We love to talk about delivering deals down to the street level, and over the next two days (Thursday, Aug. 4 and Friday, Aug. 5) plenty of lucky people are going to find out exactly what we mean.

Be on the lookout for our street team representatives holding court somewhere around the North/Damen/Milwaukee intersection. Approach our team on either day, sign up with our website, tell us about WhereYouShop, and you’ll receive an envelope, while supplies last. Over the course of two days, 30 of these envelopes contain a one-day Lollapalooza ticket, the epic concert series that just so happens to be completely SOLD OUT, and the others will contain free WhereYouShop Bucks.

No one walks away empty handed, but 30 lucky people will receive a serious upgrade to their weekend plans. Come see firsthand how WhereYouShop’s hyperlocal approach to deals is designed with our subscribers in mind.

Location Update: The Street Team is still holding it down in Wicker Park, but have moved to Wicker Park, the actual park…

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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  1. Nora S

    Woohooo!! Lolla!

  2. Christoffer Gammad


  3. Stephanie B


  4. Victor Cuellar

    awesome-o 3000

  5. Stephanie Griffin

    Sounds awesome!

  6. brittany po


    - @enza34 / brittany potenza

  7. Tracy Berg

    Thanks for all the great offers!

  8. Stew Bronaugh

    Whoa thanks WhereToShop! Really hoping to win a pair since it’s all sold out! : (

  9. Pako


  10. Grace Kathryn Douglass

    I am so excited for Lollapalooza!

  11. marcela

    I like the way u guys think/act! Keep bringing us them deals

  12. Josh Jaeger

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please!!!!!!!

  13. Mariam Turay

    Lollapalooza, best festival on earth.

  14. Christen Caliendo

    I’m in it to win it so I can rock out with my clam out at Lolla! Whooohooo! :)

  15. Randi Morrison

    How kind!

  16. Volodymyr Zaytsev

    I am going to be on some serious stalker mission, looking out for the street team ;]

  17. porter


  18. Duke Avila

    Please pick me!! :)

  19. Amy McMenemy

    Would love to be in the running! :)

  20. Dave Grabowski Clarke

    I’d really love a chance to go! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Mark Bernstein

    Would love a ticket

  22. Cecilia f

    I love cereal. I love wicker park. I love lollapalooza.

  23. William Pendleton

    Sweet! Another chance to win!

  24. gil

    I heard its the best weekend of the year in chicago… yeah lolla

  25. Paulie Gangi


  26. Sergio Murillo


  27. Eugene Spivak

    To go to Lollapalooza this Sunday I would go to the moon and back for Whereyoushop… With some flowers and lollipops

  28. Heather Cerkan

    lalala all up in hurr

  29. ryan gleason

    Ill giveaway ur blog!

  30. Audrina Smelser

    Wow! WhereYouShop is AWESOME!

    I’ve never encountered any site so dedicated to it’s customers. Not only are the deals actually relatable and affordable, but the giveaways seem endless. The WhereYouShop team continues to offer opportunities for their customers to win prizes that are important to them, all in a fun, fair, and exiting way! What more could you ask for?

    WhereYouShop is definitely my go-to for any kind of deals from now on. I can’t stop telling my friends about it either. I’ll send everyone I know to WhereYouShop because it’s the best out there. This company is great!

  31. Eduardo

    I want to win so bad, i never win anything i want tickets please!!!

  32. Ryan Causse


  33. Dhruv Desai


  34. Bryan Dodds

    Heyyyyy Pick meeee I’m unique

  35. Alla Spivak

    Alla here, as a mom, I absolutely love WhereYouShop… Truthfully just because it has the word shop… And Daily Deals of course

  36. Ross Cosyns

    gimme tix please. Thanks.

  37. brittany po

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! im on every contest of yours! pleasee!

  38. Ryan Gleason

    Ill giveaway ur blog!!

  39. pete nelson

    Please pick me, I need them like crazy.

  40. Nici Lawicki

    …so I am thinking that you should use your cell phone to capture the people who win the Sunday ticket and post there reactions!! I am guessing that there will be some very entertaining ones!! Awesome idea! Cheers to Lolla weekend!!

  41. brittany po

    alsooo working on the tshirt decked out in the whereyoushop logo to wear when you pick meeeee! its pretty epic.

  42. americo rodriguez

    lolla and wicker park are the wicked way to go

  43. Alexander Vassiliadis


  44. john

    WhereYouShop rocks!

  45. Jeff Readle

    Please give me tickets! Thanks! :D

  46. RaLphy Morales

    wow this is really cool… awesome give away

  47. Chris Schultz

    Wicker Park is a hoot — and I have a Where You Shop photo

  48. Maggie Burza

    WhereYouShop is awesome! A Chicago company investing in an awesome Chicago tradition like Lollapalooza. You guys are awesome!

    I’m hoping to get lucky… if you know what I mean. Hint. Hint. Wink Wink. By that I mean winning some Lolla tickets. If you were thinking something else….get your mind out of the gutter. WhereYouShop is a classy business.

  49. Lisa

    Love me some Lolla!

  50. Jason Myers

    Nice you guys are the best even if i dont win you guys are really cool for giving away a boatload of tickets

  51. Megan

    pick me pleaseee :)

  52. Charissa T

    I will Lolla where I shop!!

  53. Jeremy B.

    I wish i could be on the pursuit of happiness, but i don’t have lolla tickets to see Kid Cudi.

  54. wysamberly

    Location Update: The Street Team is still holding it down in Wicker Park, but have moved to Wicker Park, the actual park…

  55. brittanyleabutler

    Where you shop please pick me for tickets! & Thank you so much for all the opportunities to win tickets yall are amazing!! I will rock one of yalls shirts at LOLLA if I win and get to go!!!! I never get lucky at these kind of things but I will continue to try!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!! I WILL LOVE WHERE YOU SHOP FOREVERRRRRR!!! AND I WILL KEEP WHERE U SHOP MY PROFILE PIC AS LONG AS YOU WANT!!! thanks!!!! :)

  56. Jay Yearley

    I live across the street from Wicker Park. Please send me to Lolla!

  57. amada guerra

    LOLLAPALOOZA 2011! HAppy 20th!!

  58. Alina

    So who’s the Lolla tickets winner? Me?

  59. April

    Sure wish I was at Wicker Park right now:(

  60. Johanna Mae Cana

    WHERE YOU SHOP you have awesome offers!

  61. amada guerra

    P.S. Ill give you my first born for a Sunday ticket!! Please o please pick me!!!

  62. Alina

    I’m not sure if my comments are going through because I’m doing this through my phone, but like I said before “if u’re not in Chicago this weekend, u’re nor where the music is and I feel sorry for u!” please pick me!!!!!!

  63. Mark Stauber

    Where you shop, where Hee Seop shop, where I shop??? Where you shop! Lollapalooza weekend yeah!

    I desperately need a ticket to the greatest music event in the greatest city on the globe!

  64. Gaby Lagos

    Love your website and love the fact that your giving back with Lolla tickets!
    Keep up the great work!

  65. Pauly_Flo

    Omg I cannot wait for lolla this year!!! Might just bleach my hair and wear a white t-shirt for Eminems show on Saturday!

  66. wysamberly

    Congratulations Marcela. You’ve won. Please email and cc for more details. You must email us by Thursday at 3 p.m. or your ticket will be forfeited.

  67. wysamberly

    Congratulations Stew. You’ve won. Please email and cc for more details. You must email us by Thursday at 3 p.m. or your ticket will be forfeited.

  68. Michelle La Follette

    20th Anniversary? This is definitely THE year to go!

  69. Donald Joseph Bibly

    WhereYouShop rocks my socks.

  70. Elizabeth Mary

    AWESOMMMEEEEEE, hook a girl up with a Friday ticket and I will be forever grateful!! xoxox Elizabeth

  71. angie

    woohoo lolla!

  72. Susan Bukowski

    Pick me pick me :) .

  73. ricardo plascencia



    I want to win! Ive been dying to see Eminem in Chicago and hes going to be at the Saturday show. If you can hook it up with a pair for me and the lady…We’d be VERY grateful!

  75. Kasia Karolak

    As a marketing professional, I think this is an awesome strategy to get publicity for Keep up the great job! Oh and I’d love to win the Sunday tix! :D

  76. laurazap


  77. Joann
  78. Jen F

    I’m sure I’m out of the running, but thought I’d give it a shot!! Have NEVER been to Lolla and would be SOOO excited to win! Being a mother of two little boys can be stressful and this would definitely allow me to ROCK away my stress!!

  79. wysamberly

    Hi Stew. Time is running out. Email me:, quickly!

  80. wysamberly

    Time is running out. Email me:, quickly!

  81. Brittany Po

    did they email in time?? pick smoe new winners!!!!!!! i would love to score a pair!

  82. wysamberly

    Congrats Dave. You’ve won our second-chance drawing. Email and cc, asap! You must reply before 7:30 a.m. on Friday or your ticket will be forfeited.

  83. wysamberly

    I’m sorry Marcela. The deadline has passed, your tickets have been forfeited. A new winner has been notified.

  84. wysamberly

    p.s. We will require a valid, state-issued ID with the name Dave Grabowski Clarke on it in order to pick up your tickets.

  85. Tim L

    pick me!

  86. Courtney

    Big money big money big money! No whammy! I wanna win! :D

  87. Sylvia Davila

    Yay that is awesome hope I can score some!

  88. Elizabeth Mary

    pretttty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  89. Mariam Turay

    I’ve got my dancing shoes :)

  90. Sandra Schweig Stevens

    Ppl will hate me but I already won twice!!!! But would luv another set!!!!!

  91. Sandra Schweig Stevens

    Sure I just won a second ticket but that goes to show IM WORKING IT!! :-) )))

  92. Kevin Mcguire

    I NEED 1 Sunday ticket or two Saturday tickets. Please I am so desperate!

  93. wysamberly

    I am so sorry Dave, but since you didn’t email us, your tickets have been forfeited.

  94. Chris

    I didn’t see the street team are they all gone?

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