Other Ways to go ‘Green’

Other Ways to go ‘Green’

WhereYouShop loves helping our environmentally savvy subscribers go even greener. By only sending along deals that are in their dedicated shopping area, we eliminate driving across town to score a great deal.

Going green with WhereYouShop is so easy that subscribers may ask themselves “What else can I do?” As a not-so-expert authority on the matter, I’m here with a few suggestions you may have overlooked.

Move to Greenland

You’re going green, so why shouldn’t your passport? Picking up and moving to the great nation of Greenland will show your friends and family that you mean business when it comes to going green.

Pro: Shows you mean business.
Con: Abandoning your friends and family seems…extreme.

Befriend former Pittsburgh Steelers’ Defensive Tackle Joe Greene

Known as much for an iconic Coke commercial as his stellar playing career, “Mean Joe” Greene is one of football’s living legends. He also might be the key to your transformation into a living green legend.

Pro: He seemed pretty nice in that Coke commercial.
Con: A friendship with someone nicknamed “Mean Joe” is bound to end in heartbreak.

Spend a Night on a Putting Green

Show your commitment to the green cause by camping out for a night on the greenest part of a green golf course: the putting green.

Pro: Getting in touch with nature, a possible boost to your golf score.
Con: Questionable legality, possibility of getting hit by golf balls.

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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  1. Margie

    Thank you for not making any Greenbay related suggestions

  2. Joann

    I just LOLed.

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