If the Shoe Fits…Wear It

If the Shoe Fits…Wear It

The Fitness for America Sports Festival in Hoffman Estates is this weekend and WhereYouShop is taking names, and emails. We’ll be on hand to show the fitness enthusiasts we’re a deals site they can run with. Copywriter Jen will also represent us in the inline 10k.

With all this fitness talk, and after the grueling winter, my shins were aching to abandon the rusty treadmills and hit the wonderfully unpredictable surface of the outdoors. As summer fought its way through the clouds, my running fever has finally let loose.

Problem: I joined my oh-so-competitive cross-country team in 5th grade, and I haven’t been able to shake off the passion ever since. Running for 10-plus years has provided a healthy lifestyle, a hobby and an array of injuries. With pains in my ankles, knees, shins and hips—running has dug its soles in my body.

Resolution: I tried fixing my form, adjusting my stretches and even revamping my cute workout-wear, but nothing soothed my ailments. Finally, I unraveled the silent instigator: my shoes. I went to a running store that evaluated my form to see which shoe would best suit my footstep. I learned that I tend to put more pressure on the insides of my feet, so motion-controlling shoes prevent my feet from rolling too far in.

Try it: Cinderella doesn’t have to be the only one whose shoe fits – prevent injuries with the right shoes. Here are some sites to determine your foot type and which shoe to choose.

Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Margie

    Good luck, Jen! Hope the 10k is fun and blister-free

  2. Joann

    They should have taken a pic of Jen for this project! http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/before-and-after-shots-of-jogg

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