Join the Squad!

Join the Squad!

Take a break from continually pushing the refresh button on online job sites and come to the WhereYouShop Job Fair, Thursday from 1-4 p.m.

WhereYouShop is hiring for a number of positions, including promoters, event supervisors, designers and copywriters.  As a promoter or event supervisor, you’d work under the Promotional Manager, Zach, who is still searching for someone to accept his challenge of eating six boiled eggs in six minutes. If you can stomach that, this is the job for you! As a fellow copywriter, I have a few prerequisites for incoming CWs –

  1. They must use a lot of active verbs…
  2. They must be a grammar enthusiast…
  3. They must change the water cooler when it’s empty…

Other than that, our department is looking forward to the newbies. I have a newly installed WhereYouShop basketball hoop in my cube, if that piques your interest.

Be sure to check the WhereYouShop Job Fair site for more information on the event and the open positions.

Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Cleofe Betancourt

    The AskPPC Blog Guys will take you op your “6 boiled eggs in 6 minutes” challenge! What is the prize? And who bring the pepto???

  2. Margie

    I think when said newbies start, we should have intermural basketball tournaments. It can be like the real world/road rules challenges, they have used the “people who have been in the challenge every year since 1994 vs people who are young enough to be thier children” tactic several times in the past.

  3. wysfareeha

    Cleofe – Prizes are still in talks, but remember the challenge is to beat Zach! According to him, he can do this pretty easily..

  4. dantegravatar

    Tell Zach he can keep the Hard Boiled Egg Title to himself but anytime he wants a challenger in pop a shot Nerf Hoops, he’s on!

  5. WYS Zach

    Done and done! My older brother and I used to have fierce battles over Nerf Basketball. This resulted in our mom confiscating our hoop. I’m totally ready to come out of retirement. Just be warned that I won’t use my #23 jersey and will change my jersey to #45…

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