Lolla and WhereYouShop Both Go Green

Lolla and WhereYouShop Both Go Green

Just because WhereYouShop cares about the planet doesn’t mean that we don’t like to rock out, too. We’re thrilled to be giving away 500 free tickets to Lollapalooza. If you’re lucky enough to win one, you’ll get to experience a day full of music, food and activities, for free!

While WhereYouShop promotes hyperlocal deals to protect the planet, Lollapalooza organizers are striving to make their event an environmentally friendly one.

Lollapalooza’s “Green Street” will have eco-friendly food vendors, local farmers and activist organizations on hand to share their green objectives. You can also participate in Lollapalooza’s Rock and Recycle program by helping collect recyclable cans and bottles at the park. Collect a full bag of recyclables and you’ll be eligible for cool giveaways.

We’ve partnered with Lollapalooza because we share a similar mission: to prove that you can protect the planet while also having a blast. Get in on the giveaway, rock on and go green!

Written by: Jennifer

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