Wardrobe Woes

Wardrobe Woes

A drawback of getting my first real, grown-up job is making the jump from Pink sweatpants and free T-shirts to a business-casual dress code. A second drawback is not having any money saved up to spend on the ridiculously overpriced professional wear. So what did I do? I got creative.

  • I throw on a blazer or cardigan and transform my “going out” clothes.
  • I’ve doubled my closet…by using my mom’s.
  • I’ve tripled my laundry days.
  • I’m the first one in line when New York & Co. sends me an email saying they have 10% off. (Bring on the WYS deals!)
  • I try to pass off my casual wear as business dress and hope no one notices.
  • I get way too excited for casual Fridays.

By next year I hope to win the “best dressed” award, but for now… I just want to keep my job.

Written by: Fareeha

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  1. Joann

    Yeah Casual Fridays! Next week I’m busting out my Pugs Not Drugs tee.

  2. Margie

    Why wait until Friday? See bullet number one: just throw a caridgan over it!

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