Questions My Mom Asks (About WYS)

Questions My Mom Asks (About WYS)

Working for a startup company is exciting, especially when that company does cool things like save people money and give away Lollapalooza tickets. But a new company comes with a lot of questions. Sometimes the questions are from one of my editors, wondering if I really need to include a fourth pun in my deal write-up (the answer is yes). Other times it’s one of my friends, wondering if I can hook them up with some of the aforementioned Lollapalooza tickets (the answer is no). Still, the title of “most inquisitive” has to go to my mom. So as a tribute to her, I’ve compiled a mom FAQ.

Question #1: “You write coupons?”

No. Well, yes. But mostly no. The copywriting team pens the descriptive write-ups that tell people what a participating company is offering. Without us, people wouldn’t know what the deal is (sorry editors-another pun).

Question #2: “Can you run a deal for my nail salon?”

You mean the one you drive 15 miles for? Maybe. WhereYouShop is different than other deal sites though, since we only send you deals that are in your local shopping areas. Who knows, you might find a deal for a great local nail salon that will save you a pedicure’s worth of gas money.

Question #3: “What if I buy a WhereYouShop deal and have a bad experience at the business?”

Just get in touch with us, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it right. (It should be noted that this also applies for subscribers who are not my mom.)

Question #4: “Are you sure you want to be a writer? What about finance, or engineering?”

Hmm…I think it’s time for me to go back to my apartment.

Written by: DanteMonteverde

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  1. Joann

    LOL this sounds like my mom. I still don’t think they know what graphic design is!

  2. Margie

    Trust me, if you had gotten the Finance degree, she’d be bugging you about getting an MBA. Because 4 “exciting” years as a Business undergrad just isn’t enough for my mama. You can’t win!

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