The WhereYouShop Blog: Our Purpose

The WhereYouShop Blog: Our Purpose

The WhereYouShop blog serves to connect you to us. If you want to know about the latest yoga pose we catch Fareeha holding in her cube or one of Amberly’s “Well, in California, we…” laments, this is the place to find it.

Get to know the faces behind the deal-writing and get an inside look behind the doors of WhereYouShop. Our staff will share exciting ways they use their WhereYouShop deals, perhaps inspiring you to get creative as well.

This blog is a gateway to the latest WhereYouShop happenings. We’ll let you in on where our street team will be next so that you can be the first to grab our stellar swag.

Plus, shopping locally is not only convenient but also great for the environment. Stay connected to the WhereYouShop blog for new eco-friendly tips to shop, drive and live with the environment in mind.

Check back often to stay in the WhereYouShop know. Bye for now!

Written by: Fareeha

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